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Distance Learning Coordinators

Also called: Chief Learning Officer, Coordinator of Online Programs, Distance Learning Coordinator, Program Facilitation Director for Distance Learning

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What they do:
Coordinate day-to-day operations of distance learning programs and schedule courses.
On the job, you would:
  • Communicate to faculty, students, or other users availability of, or changes to, distance learning courses or materials, programs, services, or applications.
  • Develop distance learning program goals or plans, including equipment replacement, quality assurance, or course offering plans.
  • Supervise distance learning support staff.


Education and Training
  • teaching and course design
  • customer service
  • management
  • multimedia
  • telecommunications
Engineering and Technology
  • computers and electronics


Basic Skills
  • listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions
  • talking to others
People and Technology Systems
  • thinking about the pros and cons of different options and picking the best one
  • figuring out how a system should work and how changes in the future will affect it
  • changing what is done based on other people's actions
  • teaching people how to do something


  • communicate by speaking
  • listen and understand what people say
Ideas and Logic
  • notice when problems happen
  • make general rules or come up with answers from lots of detailed information


People interested in this work like activities that include leading, making decisions, and business.
They do well at jobs that need:
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation
  • Initiative
  • Innovation
  • Adaptability/Flexibility


You might use software like this on the job:

Computer based training software
  • Adobe Systems Adobe Captivate
  • Campus Cruiser LMS
Video conferencing software
  • Cisco Systems WebEx
  • Videoconferencing software
Data base user interface and query software
  • Blackboard
  • Microsoft Access Hot Technology


Education: (rated 5 of 5)
master's degree or
bachelor's degree
usually needed

Job Outlook

Bright Outlook
New job opportunities are very likely in the future.

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