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Would you like to get a job in this industry? Think about these types of careers.

83% of all nuclear power reactor operators work in utilities.

Most people in these careers work in utilities:

Career name
Biomass Plant Technicians
Electrical & Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, & Relay
Hydroelectric Plant Technicians
Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
Power Distributors & Dispatchers
Power Plant Operators
42% of all control and valve installers and repairers work in utilities.

Some people in these careers work in utilities:

Career name
Career name
Control & Valve Installers & Repairers
Electrical Engineers
Electrical Power-Line Installers & Repairers
Gas Plant Operators
Meter Readers, Utilities
Nuclear Engineers
Nuclear Monitoring Technicians
Nuclear Technicians
Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant & System Operators
Bright Outlook
Wind Turbine Service Technicians