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Data sources for
Solar Sales Representatives & Assessors

Sources for data displayed in, or linked from, this career's career overview are listed below. Unless otherwise stated:

  • Data from O*NET projects was collected under the O*NET-SOC 2019 occupation 41-4011.07 (Solar Sales Representatives & Assessors).
  • Data from other sources was collected under the 2018 SOC occupation 41-4011 (Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products).
Also called

2021 (analyst) reported job titles

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database

Career video

CareerOneStop career videos

Source: CareerOneStop external site

What they do

O*NET-SOC 2019 taxonomy

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database

On the job, you would

2012 (incumbent) task statements

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database


2012 (incumbent) knowledge ratings

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database


2012 (analyst) skills ratings

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database


2012 (analyst) abilities ratings

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database


2013 (analyst) interests ratings
2012 (incumbent) work styles ratings

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database


O*NET technology examples

Source: O*NET 27.1 Database


2012 (analyst) job zone ratings
CareerOneStop training links

Sources: O*NET 27.1 Database, CareerOneStop external site

Job Outlook

2021-2031 BLS projections data
2021 BLS wage data
2021 BLS state employment data

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics EP external site, Bureau of Labor Statistics OEWS external site

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O*NET related occupations
2021 BLS industry employment by occupation

Sources: O*NET 27.1 Database, Bureau of Labor Statistics EP external site