Certification: National Board Certification - Early Childhood through Young Adulthood - Library Media

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The requirements for National Board Certification in the field of Library Media are organized into the following 10 standards: Knowledge of Learners; Knowledge of Teaching and Learning; Knowledge of Library and Information Studies; Integrating Instruction; Leading Innovation through the Library Media Program; Administering the Library Media Program; Reflective Practice; Professional Growth; Ethics, Equity, and Diversity; and Leadership, Advocacy, and Community Partnerships. They standards have been ordered to facilitate understanding, not to assign priorities. Each standard describes an important facet of the art and science of teaching; they often occur concurrently because of the seamless quality of accomplished practice.

Oral or Written Exam Required?


The certification corresponds to a specialty within a recognized occupation. For example, Oncology Nurse and Pediatric Nurse are specialties within the nursing field, so Certified Oncology Nurse and Certified Pediatric Nurse would be classified as specialty certifications.