Certification: Credit Union Certified Marketing Executive (CUCME)

5710 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI 53701-0333

This designation is a great way to let others know you are a professional who has successfully demonstrated knowledge of the most pertinent aspects of being a credit union marketing executive. Curriculum and testing will focus on the following core competencies:

- Strategic Marketing & Implementation
- Public Relations
- The Brand Experience
- Retail Marketing
- Advertising Management
- Product & Services Roll-out
- Market Research
- Persuasive Communication
- Problem Solving & Decision Making
- Aligning Department with Credit Union Strategy
- Drives Innovation
- Leadership Skills

More than two years of education or training after high school required?
More than two years of work experience required?
Oral or Written Exam Required?
Renewal Required?
Every 3 Year(s)
Renew through Continuing Educational Units(CEU)?
Renew through Re-Examination?
Renew through Continuing Professional Development(CPD)?
Does applicant have choice of at least two options from above for renewal (CEU, CPD, or exam)?

On Site

Attend all three Marketing tracks/years at CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification School (formerly known as CUNA Marketing Management School).
Pass all three corresponding exams. Exams are administered onsite at the end of each program.


The certification has an education level of an Associates of Arts or Associates of Sciences degree or higher and has a work experience requirement of more than 2 years, or requires obtaining a ‘core’ level certification from the same organization.