In the Military

Motorboat mechanics and service technicians perform work familiar to some military personnel.

Jobs in this career are similar to the following job classifications:

  • 88L Watercraft Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (Enlisted)
  • BM Boatswain's Mate (Enlisted)
  • ENG Naval Engineering Specialty (Warrant Officer only)
  • MK Machinery Technician (Enlisted)
  • MSSD Marine Safety Specialist Deck (Warrant Officer only)
  • MSSE Marine Safety Specialist Engineer (Warrant Officer only)
  • 1342 Small Craft Mechanic (Enlisted)
  • 003156 Machinery Repairman Apprentice (Enlisted)
  • 003179 Diesel Engine Systems Technician (Enlisted)
  • 003381 Machinery Repairman Journeyman (Enlisted)
  • 003653 Diesel Engine Systems Maintainer (Enlisted)
  • 003813 Mechanical Maintenance Technician (Enlisted)
  • 720A Naval Special Warfare (NSW), Combatant-Craft Assault Support Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 720B Naval Special Warfare (NSW), Special Operation Craft Riverine (SOCR) Support Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 720C Naval Special Warfare (NSW), Combatant-Craft Medium Support Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 720D Naval Special Warfare (NSW), Combatant-Craft Heavy Support Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 721B General Dynamics (GD) Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Core Crew Mission Specialist (Enlisted)
  • 746B Outboard Engine Maintenance Technician (Enlisted)
  • 777B Lockheed Martin (LM) Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Core Crew Mission Specialist (Enlisted)
  • 800D LCAC Deck Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 800E LCAC Craft Engineer/Assistant Operator (Enlisted)
  • EN Engineman (Enlisted)
  • SB Special Warfare Boat Operator (Enlisted)

The following military occupations are no longer in active use:

  • 4313 Outboard Engine Maintenance Technician (Enlisted)