In the Military

Photonics technicians perform work familiar to some military personnel.

Jobs in this career are similar to the following job classifications:

  • 9S100 Scientific Applications Specialist (Enlisted)
  • ELC Electronics Specialty (Warrant Officer only)
  • ET Electronics Technician (Enlisted)
  • FCA Fire Controlman (AEGIS) (Enlisted)
  • FC Fire Controlman (Enlisted)
  • V15A Gun Computer System (GCS) MK 160 MOD 11/Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS) MK 20 MOD 0 Fire Control Technician (Enlisted)
  • V18B SSDS MK-2 Maintenance Technician (Enlisted)
  • V21A GCS MK 160 MOD 8/OSS MK 46 MOD 1 Fire Control Technician (Enlisted)