In the Military

Animal caretakers perform work familiar to some military personnel.

Jobs in this career are similar to the following job classifications:

  • 3P000 Security Forces Manager (Enlisted)
  • 3P011A Security Forces Helper, Military Working Dog Handler (Enlisted)
  • 3P011B Security Forces Helper, Combat Arms (Enlisted)
  • 3P011 Security Forces Helper (Enlisted)
  • 3P031A Security Forces Apprentice, Military Working Dog Handler (Enlisted)
  • 3P031B Security Forces Apprentice, Combat Arms (Enlisted)
  • 3P031 Security Forces Apprentice (Enlisted)
  • 3P051A Security Forces Journeyman, Military Working Dog Handler (Enlisted)
  • 3P051B Security Forces Journeyman, Combat Arms (Enlisted)
  • 3P051 Security Forces Journeyman (Enlisted)
  • 3P071 Security Forces Craftsman (Enlisted)
  • 3P091 Security Forces Superintendent (Enlisted)
  • 3P0X1 Security Forces (Enlisted)
  • 31K Working Dog Handler (Enlisted)
  • 640A Food Safety Officer (Warrant Officer only)
  • 64A Field Veterinary Service (Commissioned Officer only)
  • 64B Veterinary Preventive Medicine (Commissioned Officer only)
  • 64D Veterinary Pathology (Commissioned Officer only)
  • 64 Veterinary Corps Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
  • 68T Animal Care Specialist (Enlisted)
  • 5812 Military Working Dog Handler (Enlisted)
  • 855A Marine Mammal Systems Operator (Enlisted)
  • P05A Dog Handler (Enlisted)
  • P06A Kennel Master (Enlisted)