In the Military

Funeral attendants perform work familiar to some military personnel.

Jobs in this career are similar to the following job classifications:

  • 3F100 Services Manager (Enlisted)
  • 3F111 Services Helper (Enlisted)
  • 3F131 Services Apprentice (Enlisted)
  • 3F151 Services Journeyman (Enlisted)
  • 3F171 Services Craftsman (Enlisted)
  • 3F191 Services Superintendent (Enlisted)
  • 3F1X1 Services (Enlisted)
  • 92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist (Enlisted)
  • 0407 Personnel Retrieval and Processing Officer (Commissioned Officer only)
  • 0471 Personnel Retrieval and Processing Specialist (Enlisted)
  • 0472 Personnel Retrieval and Processing Technician (Enlisted)

The following military occupations are no longer in active use:

  • 9051 Graves Registration Specialist (Enlisted)
  • 003178 Mortician (Enlisted)
  • 003753 Ceremonial Specialist (Enlisted)
  • HM Hospital Corpsman (Enlisted)
  • L29A Mortician (Enlisted)