In the Military

Elevator and escalator installers and repairers perform work familiar to some military personnel.

Jobs in this career are similar to the following job classifications:

  • 12B Combat Engineer (Enlisted)
  • 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (Enlisted)
  • 002138 Weapons Department Technician (Enlisted)
  • 003005 Steam Plant Auxiliary Systems Maintainer (Enlisted)
  • 003177 Steam Plant Auxiliary Systems Technician (Enlisted)
  • 003179 Diesel Engine Systems Technician (Enlisted)
  • 003302 Electrical Systems Technician (Enlisted)
  • 003653 Diesel Engine Systems Maintainer (Enlisted)
  • 003699 Electrical Systems Maintainer (Enlisted)
  • 743B Shipboard Elevator Mechanical Maintenance (Enlisted)
  • 761A NAMTS Hydraulics Repair Technician (Enlisted)
  • 764A Shipboard Elevator Electrical Maintenance (Enlisted)
  • ABE Aviation Boatswain's Mate, Launching and Recovery Equipment (Enlisted)

The following military occupations are no longer in active use:

  • 4295 UNREP Equipment Mechanic (Enlisted)
  • 4296 Shipboard Elevator Hydraulic/Mechanical System Mechanic (Enlisted)
  • 4671 Shipboard Elevator Electronic/Electrical Systems Maintenance Tech (Enlisted)
  • U19A UNREP Equipment Mechanic (Enlisted)