Captains, Mates, & Pilots of Water Vessels

Boat Captain, Captain, First Mate, Mate

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Aerospace Medical Service; Aerospace Medical Service Apprentice, Independent Duty Medical Technician; Aerospace Medical Service Craftsman, Flight and Operational Medical Technician; Aerospace Medical Service Helper, Aeromedical Education Technician; Aerospace Medical Service Journeyman; Aerospace Medical Service Journeyman, National Registry Paramedic; Health Services Management Craftsman, Health Information Technology; Pararescue Apprentice; Special Reconnaissance; Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) Specialist
Bridge Crewmember; Cannon Crewmember; Cavalry Scout; Combat Engineer; Combat Medic Specialist; M1 Armor Crewman; Marine Deck Officer; Military Police; Unit Supply Specialist; Watercraft Operator
Boat Forces Operations; Boatswain; Boatswain Specialty; Boatswain's Mate; Diving Specialist; Ice Operations; Marine Safety Specialist Deck; Operations Afloat; Operations Systems Specialist; Seaman
Combat Engineer; Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC) Coxswain; Critical Skills Operator; Reconnaissance Marine
(11) Meter Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Coxswain; Causeway Barge Ferry Coxswain; Conversion NEC BM Boatswain's Mate Basic; Diving Officer (Ship Salvage); Landing Craft Air Cushion Craftmaster; LDO - Special Warfare Technician; Navigation Manager; RL - Engineering Duty Officer - Ship Engineering; Ship's Navigator (Inertial Systems); Submarine Advisory Team Watch Officer
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What they do:
Command or supervise operations of ships and water vessels, such as tugboats and ferryboats. Required to hold license issued by U.S. Coast Guard.
On the job, you would:
  • Direct courses and speeds of ships, based on specialized knowledge of local winds, weather, water depths, tides, currents, and hazards.
  • Prevent ships under navigational control from engaging in unsafe operations.
  • Serve as a vessel's docking master upon arrival at a port or at a berth.



  • movement of people or goods by air, rail, sea, or road

Safety and Government

  • public safety and security
  • law and government

Engineering and Technology

  • mechanical

Arts and Humanities

  • English language


Basic Skills

  • keeping track of how well people and/or groups are doing in order to make improvements
  • talking to others

Problem Solving

  • noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it


  • changing what is done based on other people's actions
  • teaching people how to do something



  • communicate by speaking
  • listen and understand what people say


  • know where things are around you
  • imagine how something will look after it is moved around or changed

Hand and Finger Use

  • keep your arm or hand steady
  • hold or move items with your hands

Controlled Movement

  • quickly change the controls of a machine, car, truck or boat


People interested in this work like activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions.

They do well at jobs that need:

  • Dependability
  • Self Control
  • Leadership
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Attention to Detail
  • Independence


You might use software like this on the job:

Spreadsheet software

  • Microsoft Excel Hot Technology

Presentation software

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hot Technology

Route navigation software

  • FURUNO navigational chart software
  • Navigational chart software


Education: (rated 3 of 5)
high school diploma/GED or
certificate after high school
usually needed

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