Accountants & Auditors

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Accountant, Auditor, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Financial Auditor

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Aircrew Flight Equipment; Aircrew Flight Equipment Apprentice, Non-Ejection Seat Aircraft; Aircrew Flight Equipment Helper; Aircrew Flight Equipment Journeyman; Financial Management; Financial Management and Comptroller Craftsman; Financial Management and Comptroller Superintendent; Maintenance Management Analysis Helper; Materiel Management; Materiel Management Helper
Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist; Financial Management Technician; Financial Manager; Health Services Comptroller
Finance; Finance and Supply; Finance and Supply Specialty; Storekeeper
Basic Financial Management Marine; Finance Officer; Finance Technician; Financial Management Officer; Financial Management Resource Analyst; Financial Management Resource Officer; Financial Management Specialist; Postal Clerk
Accounting Officer; Comptroller; Designated Project Business Administrator; Internal Review Officer; Logistics Specialist (Submarine); Pay Clerk; Pay Manager; Personnel Specialist Advanced Disbursing Operations; Relational Supply Force Advance Technical Specialist; Relational Supply Unit Technical Specialist
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What they do:
Examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements, give advice, or audit and evaluate statements prepared by others. Install or advise on systems of recording costs or other financial and budgetary data.
On the job, you would:
  • Prepare detailed reports on audit findings.
  • Report to management about asset utilization and audit results, and recommend changes in operations and financial activities.
  • Collect and analyze data to detect deficient controls, duplicated effort, extravagance, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.



  • accounting and economics
  • customer service

Arts and Humanities

  • English language

Math and Science

  • arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics

Safety and Government

  • law and government


Basic Skills

  • listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions
  • reading work related information

Problem Solving

  • noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it

People and Technology Systems

  • thinking about the pros and cons of different options and picking the best one
  • figuring out how a system should work and how changes in the future will affect it



  • add, subtract, multiply, or divide
  • choose the right type of math to solve a problem


  • communicate by speaking
  • read and understand what is written

Ideas and Logic

  • use rules to solve problems
  • notice when problems happen


People interested in this work like activities that include data, detail, and regular routines.

They do well at jobs that need:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Cooperation
  • Stress Tolerance


You might use software like this on the job:

Accounting software

  • Intuit QuickBooks Hot Technology
  • Sage 50 Accounting

Word processing software

  • Google Docs Hot Technology
  • Microsoft Word Hot Technology

Financial analysis software

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Financials
  • Tropics workers' compensation software


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