First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, & Repairers

Maintenance Foreman, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Service Manager

Where in the military? Select a military branch to see samples.
; Airborne Mission Systems Specialist Journeyman, C-32/C-40; Aircraft Structural Maintenance Journeyman; Bomber/Special Electronic Warfare and Radar Surveillance Integrated Avionics Apprentice, EC-130 Compass Call; Bomber/Special Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems Journeyman, E-4, VC-25; Flight Engineer Apprentice, MC-130P; In-Flight Refueling Specialist Journeyman, KC-46; Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems Journeyman, KC-10; Radar, Airfield and Weather Systems (RAWS) Craftsman; Special Mission Aviator Superintendent
AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer; Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Systems Technician; Aviation Maintenance Officer; Cavalry Scout; Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer; Infantry; Military Intelligence (MI) Systems Maintainer/Integrator; Prime Power Production Specialist; Senior Electronic Maintenance Supervisor; Tactical Power Generation Specialist
Aids to Navigation; Aviation Engineering Specialty; Avionics Electrical Technician; Diving Specialist; Electronics; Electronics Technician; Information System Technician; Machinery Technician; Marine Safety Specialist Engineer; Material Maintenance Specialty
Air Traffic Control Communications Technician; Aircraft Maintenance (Fixed-Wing); Aviation Radar Systems Officer; Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer; Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic, AV-8/TAV-8; Fixed-Wing Aircraft Mechanic, F/A-18; Flight Equipment Technician; Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-58; Motor Transport Officer; Tactical Air Operations/Air Defense Systems Technician
ADP Systems Maintenance Officer; AEGIS Weapons System (AWS) Technician Baseline 9C AEGIS Radar System SPY-1D-MOD Supervisor; Antisubmarine Weapons Officer; Combat Control Systems Manager; Electronics Technician; Interior Communication Administrator; Maintenance and Production Chief; Public Works Transportation Officer; Ship's Reactor Control Assistant; Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor - Mechanical
; Aircraft Accessories Superintendent; Aircraft Fuel Systems Craftsman; Aircrew Egress Systems Craftsman; Avionics Test Station And Components Craftsman, A-10/B-2/C-17/CV-22/F-16/AFSOC Avionics Systems; Bomber/Special Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems; Helicopter/Tiltrotor Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman; Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance Craftsman; Nuclear Weapons; Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems Craftsman
What they do:
Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of mechanics, installers, and repairers. May also advise customers on recommended services. Excludes team or work leaders.
On the job, you would:
  • Inspect, test, and measure completed work, using devices such as hand tools or gauges to verify conformance to standards or repair requirements.
  • Inspect and monitor work areas, examine tools and equipment, and provide employee safety training to prevent, detect, and correct unsafe conditions or violations of procedures and safety rules.
  • Interpret specifications, blueprints, or job orders to construct templates and lay out reference points for workers.



  • management
  • customer service

Engineering and Technology

  • mechanical

Arts and Humanities

  • English language

Math and Science

  • arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics


Basic Skills

  • keeping track of how well people and/or groups are doing in order to make improvements
  • talking to others

People and Technology Systems

  • thinking about the pros and cons of different options and picking the best one
  • figuring out how a system should work and how changes in the future will affect it

Resource Management

  • selecting and managing the best workers for a job
  • managing your time and the time of other people



  • communicate by speaking
  • listen and understand what people say

Ideas and Logic

  • make general rules or come up with answers from lots of detailed information
  • use rules to solve problems

Hearing and Speech

  • recognize spoken words
  • speak clearly

Visual Understanding

  • see hidden patterns


People interested in this work like activities that include leading, making decisions, and business.

They do well at jobs that need:

  • Dependability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Self Control


You might use software like this on the job:

Enterprise resource planning ERP software

  • Microsoft Dynamics Hot Technology
  • SAP software Hot Technology

Presentation software

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hot Technology

Data base user interface and query software

  • Microsoft Access Hot Technology
  • Yardi software Hot Technology


Education: (rated 3 of 5)
high school diploma/GED or
some college
usually needed

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