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Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Research Scientist, Scientist

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Astronaut; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, ABM (if Prefix N); Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, Bomber; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, C2ISREW; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, General; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, Helicopter or EWO; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, Special Operations; Physicist/Nuclear Engineer, Tanker
Army Astronaut
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What they do:
Observe, research, and interpret astronomical phenomena to increase basic knowledge or apply such information to practical problems.
On the job, you would:
  • Mentor graduate students and junior colleagues.
  • Present research findings at scientific conferences and in papers written for scientific journals.
  • Collaborate with other astronomers to carry out research projects.


Math and Science

  • arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics
  • physics

Engineering and Technology

  • computers and electronics
  • product and service development

Arts and Humanities

  • English language

Education and Training

  • teaching and course design


Basic Skills

  • reading work related information
  • using scientific rules and strategies to solve problems

People and Technology Systems

  • thinking about the pros and cons of different options and picking the best one
  • figuring out how a system should work and how changes in the future will affect it

Problem Solving

  • noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it



  • choose the right type of math to solve a problem
  • add, subtract, multiply, or divide


  • communicate by speaking
  • communicate by writing

Ideas and Logic

  • make general rules or come up with answers from lots of detailed information
  • use rules to solve problems


  • pay attention to something without being distracted


People interested in this work like activities that include ideas, thinking, and figuring things out.

They do well at jobs that need:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Initiative
  • Achievement/Effort
  • Integrity
  • Attention to Detail
  • Persistence


You might use software like this on the job:

Analytical or scientific software

  • IBM SPSS Statistics Hot Technology
  • The MathWorks MATLAB Hot Technology In Demand

Presentation software

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hot Technology

Development environment software

  • Abstraction plus reference plus synthesis A++
  • National Instruments LabVIEW


Education: (rated 5 of 5)
post-doctoral training or
doctoral degree
usually needed

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